Community Development

The past 10 years have not only impacted the lives of children but it has motivated us to go out in the communities and ensure that children can live a healthier life. Our community development programs are specific, using our research projects to design evidence-based programmes addressing social determinants of health and witnessing change. We aim to create awareness, walk alongside the process of change, and implement interventions that would benefit the children of the communities.

Current Projects:

Back to School Programme

For children who have completed cancer treatment, TIARA has launched a unique educational scholarship program named Back to School (B2S). By sponsoring school fees for children for the first year after completion of treatment, the financial burden on parents is eased. The programme aims to reintroduce students to school, normalcy, and staying connected with friends and teachers.

Warriors Learn

This is an educational scholarship programme for our little haemophilia and von Willebrand warriors who go to school. Warriors Learn supports parents as well as the kids by helping the little ones attend school and lead fulfilling lives despite this chronic bleeding disorder.

Symposium Series

It is vital that the next generation be made aware of Childhood Cancer. Tiara organizes symposiums for the medical fraternity across undergraduates, final year students, and in-house surgeons in colleges. We also work with schools and corporates to raise awareness among the general populace, speaking about these disorders and spreading awareness on how they can help.